Famous people in the Golden Century. A tour along the Ring-of-Canals.

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The 17th Century is often called The Golden Age. The prosperous period of trade and shipping industry and finance. The period of Merchands, pirates and artists. In the footsteps of all these people that have made the difference, we will walk through the ages. Stories of Rembrandt, the United East India Company, or surgeon’s and affluent regent families like the Six family.

The famous Ring of Canals gives us the best overview of how the riches lived and how they spent their fortunes and their gained capital for exuberant architecture along the ‘Herengracht’ and their huge art collections . And what to think of the headquarters of the United East India Company and the Royal Palace On Dam Square….. architecture reflecting the positions of the regents, politicians, architects and scientists.

Don’t miss all these highlights in Amsterdam.

Departure in consultation with you.

Duration of the tour 2 hours. Price € 25 per person. When you book for less than 6 persons you pay a fixed fee for your guide of € 150

€25Per person