Former Jewish Neighborhood – Waterloo flea market area

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The Waterloo Square Flea Market; well known to many, at least in name. At the same time the former jewish neighborhood where the Jewish people, initially as refugee’s, and for many generations thereafter, lived, loved, worked and worshipped. The later called ‘Plantage’ neighborhood with the ‘Artis’ Zoo, Amsterdam botanical gardens, its many World War II and Holocaust Monuments, and the large 17th C. Synagoge or ‘Snoge’, and the location of deportation of the Jews in WWII.

This tour is for those who want to experience a very different side of Amsterdam. And it is an absolute must-see for people who are interested in the Jewish heritage in our city.

Departure in consultation with you. 

Duration of the tour 2 hours. Price € 25 per person. When you book for less than 6 persons you pay a fixed fee for your guide of € 150

€25Per person